Mass Discipleship

Epidemic in our Nation

There is an epidemic going on in our nation today. We can no longer stand on the sideline, watch the news in the media, see them in the streets and look the other way. We can’t keep going about our lives, business, work and church today and hope and pray it all blows away.

Everyone has a very important role to play (physically) with the warfare going on in our communities, cities and nation today. I need your help today, right away.

The Cause

I am looking for Spirit-filled Christian business men who have a heart of compassion for these fatherless young men, to partner with me to fulfill the vision Father God has given me.


Matthew 28:18
I am calling all men to partner with me to put an end to this terrible eyesore we see in the news media.

To see fatherless young men, healed, delivered and set free around the world.


1 Timothy 6:12
It’s time to fight the good fight of faith and win this broken hearted fatherless generation before it’s too late.

To tell them that Father God loves them and wants to give them a 2nd chance. 


Matthew 6:33
When we get busy doing Father God kingdom business first, he will get busy and bless us with the dreams, goals and desires of our hearts.

Plant battleground stations in the high crime, low income communities across the nation, reaching children, youth and fatherless young men.

Will you answer the call today?

I need your help today.

If we Want to Change the World,
We have to reach these fatherless young men,