In 1994 the Body of Christ Christian Center in Detroit, Michigan was set on fire by a propane tank explosion.

The explosion alarmed the community to call the fire department, but it would be too late for the fire fighters to reach JohnnyD.

While lying in the heat of the fire he saw memories of his past come before him; running the streets of Motown with long hair, fancy clothes, singing, dancing, parties, clubs, hanging out with the wrong crowd and chasing record dreams. He did all these things to fill his broken heart with fortune and fame so he could escape the hurt and pain of his parents divorce all of which left him with lasting scars and bad memories of a dysfunctional family.

 As JohnnyD lay there he began to pray and call on the name of the Lord. The church building began to shake and Jesus the Consuming Fire came into the midst of the earthly fire, He blew a hole in the wall and blew him out of the burning building from the 2nd floor and he hit the ground on fire.

As he was lying outside the burning church building the Lord spoke to him and said, “JohnnyD, I have given you a 2nd chance to live, now go and tell my people that I love them and want to give them a 2nd chance.”

For the past 12 years JohnnyD has travelled locally and internationally sharing his church fire testimony through the radio, TV, books and music to churches, rallies and outreaches that span from Charlotte, NC to Cape Town, South Africa.

While evangelizing in Cape Town he met his wife, Evelyn.